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At Abba Academy we are highly committed to ensuring that our students excel and become more confident in their approach to the GCSE 2024 mathematics exams at foundation and higher level. Our program unlocks hidden mathematical attributes that all students have. We tap into these attributes by helping students break down multi-step 3 to 4 markers into more manageable chunks.

With the right guidance I have routinely seen our students improve and excel. Our Youtube reviews video are a testament to this. Our students gradually become more and more confident with solving GCSE Maths problems while acquiring the study skills that will enable them to develop life long mathematical skills that can be called upon later in life be it at the supermarket for value for money calculations; at a bank for compound interest or currency exchange calculations; or perhaps in the engineering field where we get to see the beauty of TRIGONOMETRY.

UNLIMITED ACCESS and here's why...

We have created a system of GCSE MATHS SUCCESS for your son or daughter in which problems based learning occurs in a positive student centered environment. Due to the success of our 1:1 Math tutoring program; we can now offer in person group tutoring in the KT12 area at an affordable, EARLY BIRD discounted rate of just £14.99 per 45 minute session. We will even offer you one half priced session for every new student you recommend and further discounts if sessions are booked in blocks. Why not book a trial session today. If you feel that your son or daughter can benefit from extra Math tuition why not book a ZOOM CALL with us today.

Meet Your Tutor:

Dr Michael Omakobia

PhD in the medical sciences obtained at the University of Wales, a BSc in Medical Biochemistry and an MSc in Immunology obtained at the University of Birmingham. I am both a scientist and a teacher of math and science and one of my principle strengths is the ability to link all topics I teach to real life contexts. 

In 2015 I obtained my PGCE in Secondary School Science and Maths at the University of Oxford to become a UK qualified primary and secondary school teacher, and I pursued my passion at a lovely school in the West of London called Heston community school. Work for me did not stop there as in the evenings I found that there was always an enthusiastic or sometimes a not so enthusiastic child that needed tutoring, or that child that needs a crucial confidence boost that triggers a change of mindset and work ethic that could see them dramatically improve their grades.

Meet Your Tutor:

Yanik Gammampila

Just a bit about myself my name is Yanik Gammampila. I am a qualified secondary school Maths & Science teacher with 2 years teaching experience in the classroom. I have over 5 Years experience tutoring. I am also a Youth Pastor for a local Church. I enjoy helping young people to achieve their best future!

I obtained my PGCE in Secondary school Physics and Maths at the outstanding department of education at the University of Coventry.

I am very passionate about giving every student the chance to do their best. When I was in school I struggled with Maths. I got a tutor and moved from middle set to TOP Set. A tutor gave me the 1-1 help I needed to understand tricky concepts!

My other academic qualifications include BEng in Mechanical Engineering obtained at the Brunel University. I am both a engineer and a teacher of science and Maths.

One of my strengths is my ability to form strong working relationships with students and to be able to champion them through KS3 & GCSE topics. I strongly believe that a strong work ethic, not just academic ability is a key determinant as to whether a student excels in a subject.

I am a fun and approachable tutor who knows how to connect with young people and I have been able to develop this skill through my role as a Youth Pastor. I also enjoy making science and maths easier and more comprehensible for KS3 & GCSE students

I love it when my students do well and go beyond expectations of their school teachers. Please feel free to contact us at Abba Academy if your interested in our tuition services for your family. If you would like to have a more in depth conversation about your specific requirements please feel free to book a free zoom call with us

Best wishes

Yanik Gammampila

  • Full Access: Grade 1-9 Training Material
  • ​Examination papers, Solutions, Booklets
  • Hours of Video Training Material

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3 Keys to Success

" The Secrets to passing your GCSE's are finally revealed... "

3 Keys to Success

" The Secrets to passing your GCSE's are finally revealed... "

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"My son has been trained and tutored by the phenomenal Dr Michael Omakobia for a good few months now and we can't recommend him more highly. This man is a genius and we've always believed in giving our children the best! Highly recommend!"  

Our Mission

At Abba Academy

At Abba Academy we are highly committed to breaking down barriers to learning that hinder progress; and our mission is to ensure that all our students become more confident in their approach to science and maths, become skilled problem solvers and also acquire the study skills necessary to allow them to succeed.

During tuition all students will be provided with a range of topic specific materials from personalised revision notes, to topic specific exam style questions and question papers and also stationery to assist with organisation. Our homeschoolers also benefit from our science experiments which we can run in your home.

You may have heard it said by Aristotle that education is like a rooting seed and although the roots are bitter the fruit is sweet. For this reason, our young company prides itself on recruiting outstanding and highly educated individuals with life experiences that evidence how a high-quality education is a precursor to improved social mobility. At Abba Academy our teachers love sharing and imparting knowledge with our students. Equally we enjoy delivering a problem-based approach to tutoring particularly as educational research clearly shows that it is not IQ that determines how well students do in exams but rather exam practice, practice and more practice!

We are motivated by helping our students excel in their academic achievements, and we are always encouraged when our students attain far higher grades than predicted in subjects that they previously had difficulties with. For us there is no greater satisfaction as a teacher. If you are looking for a great Science and Mathematics tutoring service, look no further at Abba Academy we are ready to cater for all your educational needs.

We look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes

Dr Michael Omakobia Company Director of Abba Academy.

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